Susan and Michael Hort began collecting in 1985 and quickly amassed one of the most important contemporary art collections of the past 50 years, with a focus on “collecting in depth and supporting young artists”. To illustrate they bought the first painting John Currin ever sold, the first 3 Adrian Ghenie sold and many others. Their art is loaned to museums around the world, right now 12 of their Nicole Eisenman’s are on loan to a museum in Europe and 7 Katherine Bradford’s will be in Europe later this year.

In the course of the year thousands of art people visit their collection in addition to many museum groups.

In 1995 the Hort family and friends of Rema started the Rema Hort Mann foundation in honor of their daughter Rema who died of cancer. The foundation has 2 two grant programs. Throughout the year the Peter HortQuality of Life Cancer Grant, in honor of their son Peter who died in 2022, brings family members and loved ones together in order to provide much needed support while a patient is undergoing treatment so they are not alone.

The Emerging Artist Award reflects the foundations commitment to fostering emerging visual artists who demonstrate profound dedication to content creative practices. To date the foundation has awarded over $9,000,000.

Both grants are by nomination only.


Other Collaborators

Alice Aycock
Tadaaki Kuwayama & Rakuko Naito
Institute for Studies on Latin American Art (ISLAA)
Torkwase Dyson